We specialize in creating solutions in the field of robotization and automation for the banking and insurance sector

AI powered process discovery solution. Deploy manage and improve your robots by using AI and ML models

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Who we are

Makeitright is a team of ambitious developers, business analysts, QA experts, and change leaders who are working towards building a better, automated future for your business. We provide solutions for banking, leasing, insurance, healthcare, energy, and many other sectors. Our goal is to help our customers achieve the digital transformation they desire, in order to increase the growth and efficiency of their business.

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IT solutions

What our customers say

The implementation of the solutions proposed by Makeitright allowed us to improve the management of further changes in processes. Thanks to the advice of MIR analysts, we planned the robotization of processes in the organization. The implementation of MIR solutions also relieved the internal IT and took the responsibility for the automation of individual departments in the company from us

Paweł Sujecki CEO, Proservice Finteco

The implementation of the RPA PowerFarm platform helped us to reduce the costs of servicing processes and reduce overtime, it makes our customers more satisfied. Thanks to robotization, we have eliminated critical errors, now we are more efficient and we reduced the resources needed to perform everyday processes

Emilia Guz COO, Proservice Finteco

Makeitright built an integrated system for us in six months. The Flexiblocks transaction system is a service that meets all quality and safety standards. It supports the insurance products we offer, it is convenient and simple. The solutions made by Makeitright are scalable and easily adaptable to other markets. 

Artur Olech CEO Trasti

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