AI in the area of Quality Assurance

Application of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the world of Quality Assurance (QA). By automating testing, AI increases the efficiency and accuracy of QA processes, allowing teams to focus on strategic quality aspects. AI analyzes data, detects patterns, and predicts errors, contributing to faster and more effective software quality assurance. In this presentation, we will see how AI is changing the face of QA, from automation to error analysis and future trends.

Systematic project approach – Implementation phases

Test Management and Automation using the proprietary solution Power Farm

PF is a modern platform for managing, standardizing, and centralizing services for creating automated tests and process automation.

Key features of PF:

The PF platform is an ideal solution for companies looking to streamline their testing and automation processes while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

General AI environment architecture

Key functionalities:

Implementation approach

1. Consulting
2. Implementation
3. Wsparcie

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