Smart process and test automation

Increase efficiency and productivity of your company by delegating routine tasks to machines


Automation of time-consuming processes

Delegate time-consuming processes to machines and allow your team dedicate themselves to more creative tasks.


PowerFarm - own laboratory for test automation

Take advantage of makeitright automation lab and check countless possibilities of applying your products. Gain confidence that you’re launching a thoroughly tested product.
PowerFarm is our unique solution offering automation of all processes regardless their level of complexity, technology, or IT systems in which the processes are designed.


Comprehensive automation of processes and tests - projects finished on time

We approach every project individually. We prepare methodology, plans and documentation to help your business fully use the potential of well-designed automatic processes.

Automation is delivered in a form of services available directly to end-users. We offer complex services including preparing maps of processes, documentation templates and suggestions about implementing automation within your organization.


PowerFarm RPA

A solution by makeitright which embodies the idea of ​​the digital transformation of an enterprise. The organization’s business processes are mapped to the PowerFarm RPA tool, where software robots perform their tasks


PowerFarm Test Automation

A comprehensive makeitright platform for test automation. A solution combining automation in technological processes of applications as well as Open Source and in many layers (end-to-end processes)

Why use automation?

Calculate ROI and monitor reports

Take advantage of knowledge and experience offered by a global leader in automation

Easily manage automation processes by accessing services through www

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