Body & Team Leasing

In the area of Body & Team Leasing, we offer flexible and scalable solutions that allow your company to quickly gain access to highly skilled IT specialists or complete project teams. Our services focus on providing experts who immediately engage in task execution, eliminating the need for long-term recruitment and training.

Key Benefits

  1. Quick delivery of experts: Thanks to our efficient recruitment processes, we deliver the first candidate profiles within 3-5 days. This allows for the rapid commencement of project work without unnecessary delays.

  2. Cost savings: Leasing IT specialists is more cost-effective than hiring full-time employees. By avoiding costs associated with recruitment, onboarding, and training, your company can focus on core business aspects.

  3. Flexibility and scalability: Our services allow for flexible human resource management, adjusting the number and type of specialists to current project needs. You can scale the team up or down depending on the project phase, giving you full control over costs and resources.

  4. Highly qualified consultants: We provide specialists with a broad spectrum of industry knowledge, covering sectors such as banking, insurance, logistics, FMCG, energy, and the public sector. Our consultants are experts with extensive experience, ready to start working on your project immediately.

Our Approach

Our Body & Team Leasing service encompasses full responsibility for the hiring process. We analyze your project’s needs and select the appropriate candidates, ensuring constant contact with them before and after they start working. If there is a need to expand the team, we hire additional specialists, creating a team perfectly tailored to your requirements.

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