Deliver projects faster with our dedicated development team

We help companies build, scale and maintain their products by providing our IT specialists and dedicated development teams tailored to the project requirements.

What distinguishes our dedicated IT teams

1-2 weeks

Fast onboarding process ensures our developers can join your project right away

1500+ profiles

Access to a wide range of specialists guarantees you always find the needed expert

80% cost reduction

We take care of all the necessary formalities and settlements related to the recruitment

90% long-term

Almost all of our projects are long-term cooperations that last at least 1 year

We delivered dozens of successful projects for well-known brands

How we supported our client by providing a dedicated team of 80 developers in just 2 months!

The Problem

The project required building a team of IT specialists who would coordinate, report and carry out migration tests for a separate part of the bank. The selected specialists had to undergo special training in the design tools selected by the client.The project required building a team of IT specialists who would coordinate, report and carry out migration tests for a separate part of the bank. The selected specialists had to undergo special training in the design tools selected by the client.

The Process

We started by defining the scope of the project to establish the number of needed specialists. The bank specified the desired competences of the team members and on the basis of the requirements we could start the recruitment process.

Search and selection of consultants for the team was carried out by our recruitment team. Each candidate was first verified by our expert and then accepted or rejected by the bank. Thanks to our fast onboarding process, our specialists were ready to start work within 2 weeks of confirming the project implementation.

The result

We have recruited and delivered a development team consisting of

0 IT specialists including a test coordinator
and 0 test team leaders
in just 0 months

How we onboard our IT specialists to new projects

Clearly defined needs of candidate’s competences and detailed description of the project will help us speed up the process of building a dedicated development team.



We collect project requirements and analyze the needed competences of IT specialists.


Search for candidates & initial verification

Our recruitment team starts the process of sourcing the right candidates, performs the interviews and preselection.


Presentation of candidates

The chosen candidates are presented to the project coordinator on the client side. If needed, we arrange a separate 1:1 interview with the client.


Offer of cooperation

We construct the offer that includes the team composition and all the cooperation assumptions.


Onboarding & support

We ensure that each specialist is familiar with the project and its documentation (if there’s one). After the specified time, the developers join the client and support the project on a daily basis.

Configure your dedicated development team

Select team members from our IT specialists

    Choose developers

    Java developer
    PHP developer
    .NET developer
    Front-end developer
    Back-end developer
    Android developer
    iOS developer

    Add testers

    Manual Tester
    Automation Tester
    Quality Assurance Specialist

    Support team

    Project Manager
    Product Owner
    Scrum Master
    Business Analyst
    IT Administrator
    UX Designer

    Estimated contract period

    Sławomir Szepietowski​

    IT Delivery Director​

    Our teams specialize in a spectrum of industries


    Models of cooperation

    Fixed Price

    Custom software development

    Building a product tailored to the client’s business needs.

    Managed services

    Performance of a specific service partly / entirely by a qualified team​.

    Time & Material

    Body leasing

    Providing a qualified specialist, temporarily or permanently, locally or remotely, for the duration of the project​.

    Dedicated team

    Expanding the department with a complete team of specialists​.

    Our tech stack​

    We employ modern technologies and frameworks that secure business operational continuity.




    Infrastructure & DevOps

    Automated testing


    FAQ: Dedicated IT Teams

    A dedicated development team is a business model where a client is provided with a complete team of specialists needed to successfully accomplish the business goal, etc. build custom software. The IT company provides the client with a group of experts (developers, designers, QA engineers, etc.) working remotely on the given project.

    Yes. We offer body leasing services as well. If you don’t need the entire team but just a few specialists – we can arrange that.

    The Managed Services model implies having a strategic partner with a wide area of responsibility. Team extension is simply extending your existing team or project of a few more specialists. Everything depends on your current business needs.