Information Security Management System

We support organizations in preparing for ISO 27001 certification, ESG requirements, and the broader area of information security.

The platform is an advanced tool that enables a comprehensive approach to information protection within a company. It focuses on facilitating the management, monitoring, and continuous improvement of information security practices in accordance with international standards such as ISO 27001.

ISMS Documentation Management

Users can create, store, and manage key ISMS documentation such as policies, procedures, contingency plans, and more, ensuring easy access and compliance with standards.

Registers and Schedules

The portal enables the creation and maintenance of asset registers, risk assessments, security incidents, and control and audit schedules, which are essential for monitoring and managing organizational risk.

Planning and Monitoring Controls

Users can plan, assign, and monitor control tasks and internal audits, ensuring continuous compliance and improvement of security processes.


Training and Awareness

The platform offers tools to create and manage information security training programs, helping to build awareness and competencies among employees.


Incident Management

The incident management module allows for effective response to security events, from reporting through analysis to incident closure, including lessons learned.


Analysis and Reporting

Advanced analytical and reporting tools enable the assessment of the effectiveness of the information security management system, identification of trends, and areas for improvement.


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