Tailor-made software

Modern solutions for the insurance sector



Practical applications of artificial intelligence
Take advantage of the data stored in the organization and use its hidden potential to achieve your goals and succeed by gaining competitive edge!
Increased sales due to accurate personalized product recommendations based on real customer choices

Decrease rate of customers churn thanks to the studying of price elasticity in renewal processes and contacting customers through their preferred communication channels

Optimization of claims handling processes by predicting client’s decisions at every stage of claim handling process (i.e. decision on car replacement, cost estimate vs invoice, selection of partner workshop network, self inspection using mobile application, legal risk estimation)

Improving underwriting and pricing with personalized risk profiling based on a wide range of data

Scientific staff
Projects implemented jointly with the AI division of the Institute of Computer Science, at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology of the Warsaw University of Technology.



Transactional systems for insurance
Flexible architecture based on functional modules

Modular construction of the solution. Flexible connection of other components is possible
Open API – the ability to sell products with external partners and brokers

We focus on solutions to clients’ problems
Our goal is to provide IT solutions addressing the problems and challenges our clients face. We do not create art for art but well thought out solutions, the use of which brings tangible business benefits to the client.

The most important: implementation time and total cost of TCO maintenance
When designing solutions, we optimize them in terms of time of implementation (TTM) and the subsequent maintenance costs that make up the total cost of ownership. Being the first on the market gives you a competitive advantage but maintaining this advantage depends also on the costs incurred in the further period of use of the system.
We address the entire process of SDLC Software Delivery Life Cycle
We will prepare business analysis, technical project and its implementation. We will provide administration, maintenance and further development for the systems and solutions provided.

SAAS & Cloud Computing
Reduce the IT infrastructure management costs. We design and implement solutions based on the SaaS service model. Your software can operate in a private or public cloud, thus reducing the cost of administration and management of IT infrastructure.



Sales network settlement tool
Handles standard processes related to the registration, servicing and settlement of the sales network
Brokerage agreements management
Registration of the units sales network
Registration service in KNF (Financial Supervision Authority)
Modelling of commission parameters
Overplanning support
It is possible to override the rules at the level of even a single transaction together with a full audit
Setting up dependencies of rules on the sales results of any subnet, the claims ratio of subnet clients, etc.
Calculating and settlement of estimated, charged and due commissions
Issuing invoices
Payment orders for the commission
Connection to the Customer’s General Ledger
Extensive reporting
Submission of orders and transfers

Lowering the price of the service in relation to internal costs
Obtaining price elasticity (part of the service price depends directly on the size of the sales network and the number of transactions)
Solving the problem of the substitutability of human resourcesQuality guarantee and timelinessTechnology and processes
Service run on Microsoft .NET platform with support for the Microsoft SQL Server databaseFlexibility in adapting to all regulatory requirements
Service continuity management

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