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BrokerUFG is a Makeitright product, thanks to which one can quickly and efficiently start communication between an insurance company and the Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG).

We used the SaaS BrokerUFG tool to launch a short purchase path for a brand new on the market, which in 2021 was awarded for building a fully digital insurance company.

A short procurement process is currently the most desirable need in the insurance industry. We wanted the complete motor insurance offer to be prepared only based on the vehicle’s registration number and the owner’s date of birth.

As a result, the client quickly and easily learns about the insurer’s offer. He does not have to provide other data because it is automatically completed by our proprietary tool: BrokerUFG.

In the case study, we share the details of the implemented solution and the effects that have been achieved by introducing the leader of the European insurance market to the Polish market.

The client

Our client is part of an international consortium, the highest-rated company according to the ATX index, i.e., the index of the largest companies on the Vienna Stock Exchange. It is an insurance leader in Central Europe and Central and Eastern Europe, including several dozen companies. In 2021, the organization was awarded for building a fully digital insurance company and the project’s ambitious scope and unprecedented pace. Our client is the first on the market to offer the BrokerUFG solution in the direct channel.


The time of implementation was crucial for the client – the new brand wanted to integrate with UFG as quickly as possible because it depended on when it would be able to start selling insurance on the Polish market. The insurance company wanted to simplify the sales process so that the full range of motor insurance was verified only based on the vehicle owner’s date of birth and registration number. As a result, the client quickly obtains a comprehensive insurance offer tailored to his needs and requirements. Our solution had to meet the following customer expectations:
  • automating the bidding process,
  • shortening the end customer’s purchasing path,
  • reducing the time needed to handle inquiries,
  • using only customer parameters such as vehicle registration number and date of birth of the owner for the entire sales process.
For the customer to quickly receive an attractive motor insurance offer, access to the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers (CEPIK 2.0) is necessary. Access to CEPIK 2.0 is guaranteed by a favorable decision issued by the Ministry of Digitization.


To achieve the anticipated goals, Makeitright used its proprietary solution, BrokerUFG, which made it possible to collect detailed data about the vehicle and the holder only based on the registration number.BrokerUFG is a unique product on the Polish market that acts as a centralized data repository and enables automatic reporting and online cooperation with the Insurance Guarantee Fund. As a result, the data based on the offer is always created accurately and up-to-date.

Thus, the insurance company can quickly retrieve data on the vehicle and its holder and then present the customer with an offer tailored to his needs.

Makeitright went through several procedures to obtain a favorable decision from the Ministry of Digitization and provide access to the data of the Central Register of Vehicles and Drivers (CEPIK 2.0). Our tasks were to:

  • preparation of an application to the Ministry of Digital Affairs,
  • preparation of required test scenarios,
  • conducting acceptance workshops together with the Insurance Guarantee Fund.

The test scenarios show the Ministry of Digitization how the tool used by the insurance company uses the data what happens to it after it is downloaded from CEPIK 2.0. Based on the test scenarios, the Ministry of Digitization could assess that the data downloaded by Broker UFG from CEPIK 2.0 are safe (they are not at risk of leakage, violation of GDPR laws, and that the tool is not used to drain the data of the Ministry of Digitization).

After preparing the test scenarios, Makeitright met the Insurance Guarantee Fund. We presented test scenarios and the process through which the data downloaded from CEPIK 2.0 passes. We created a report of the test scenarios and submitted it to the Insurance Guarantee Fund for final approval.


For the new brand on the Polish market, we have launched a short sales process, thanks to which the client can obtain a complete motor insurance offer in just 60 seconds.

The short sales plan is implemented in the direct channel, so the potential insuree has the opportunity to go through the tariff process independently. Until now, all interested parties had to contact the insurance agent who represents the company, provide the system with details, and then wait for the agent to calculate an offer that would meet his needs. The direct sales channel makes it possible to obtain the policy offer fast and revolutionary way. It is enough for the customer to enter the portal, enter two parameters (date of birth and vehicle registration number), and in 60 seconds obtain a complete offer tailored to the needs.

Our client became the first organization on the market operating in the direct model, which successfully obtained a favorable decision from the Ministry of Digitization. Thanks to this, the BrokerUFG solution supports the processes of cooperation with UFG. It collects and interprets data used in tariffs and claims handling, completes the missing data, and sends them to the Insurance Guarantee Fund. In addition, we extended the list of used modules for our client with police notes, which guarantee the brand access to better quality data for handling liquidation processes.

In a few months, the new brand on the market built a digital distribution of third-party liability/motor insurance, with an innovative assumption: the client is to provide a maximum of two pieces of information to get to know the price and make a decision about the purchase.