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BrokerUFG is a Makeitright product.

It enables quick and efficient communication between any insurance company and the Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG).

We offered both a SaaS platform and other services to a new player on the Polish insurance market, Euroins Insurance Group (https://www.euroins.bg). As a result of our cooperation, within two months, the client launched the sale of motor policies on the Polish market and carried out reporting and data exchange to the extent required by law and an agreement with the Insurance Guarantee Fund (UFG).

In this case study, we share the details of the solution and the effects achieved by participating in the introduction of a new insurer to the Polish market.

The Client

Euroins Insurance Group (EIG) is one of the largest independent insurance groups operating in Central and Eastern Europe. EIG insures over 2 million customers in seven markets. In Poland, the group works based on FOS, intending to transform into a branch quickly. The Polish representative office offers products in the field of motor insurance and assistance. It is known for high-quality services, most of them provided automatically, and the person applying for the change only activates the process.

More about Euroins:

Euroins Insurance Group decided to talk to Makeitright about solutions in the areas such as:

What does the client say about us?


“Entering Poland, we knew that we had to offer our clients the most modern and effective solutions and at the same time fulfill the statutory obligation and several requirements specified in our contract with the Insurance Guarantee Fund. Thanks to the support of our partners from Makeitright, who integrated with UFG for us, we efficiently launched our commercial operations in just two months.

We can use a tool that meets Agents’ expectations, all our needs, and has been developed in three languages: Polish, English, and Bulgarian.

It is maintenance-free for us, so we can focus on our core operations and grow with us, along with our portfolio of motor policies. The first place in the ranking of the Insurance Guarantee Fund confirms the correctness of the EUROINS approach. If it weren’t for BrokerUFG, it would have been much more difficult and costly.”

says Roman Lesiak from Euroins.