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Trasti started its activity on the market at the beginning of March 2021 by introducing the motor third-party liability insurance offer. Trasti operates in Poland under the principles of the freedom to provide financial services (FoS) in the EU, as the General Agent of Zavarovalnica Triglav, the largest Slovenian-based insurer in Southern Europe, in cooperation with the global reinsurer Swiss Re.

Poland is the first and the most important market where we want to implement our InsurTech model. We believe insurance products are local, but the processes that support them can be global. Thus, this is how we design our operating model and technologies, says Artur Olech, CEO of Trasti.

Makeitright has created software for a new insurer on the Polish market, using the FlexiBlock transaction system in the Microsoft Azure cloud. This is the first such commercial implementation in Poland. In the case study, we discuss the challenges we faced and the problems we had to solve in order to introduce the new insurer to the market.

More about Trasti:

Defining the client's goal

Our goal was to launch a new insurance company and bring it to the Polish market.

Four elements were crucial for the client:
  • Entering the offer on the market in the shortest possible time (maximum 6 months).
  • Limitation of the investment (the client did not want to buy servers and the entire system with a license as the costs were to be spread over time).
  • Launching the insurance system in the cloud (it allowed for quick implementation, without the need to build the entire infrastructure, e.g., purchase of servers).
  • Integration with the company’s largest partners. Trasti cooperates with the global reinsurer Swiss Re.

Within one month (May 2021), we handled a total of about 607,000 requests for the calculation of the offer.

On the busiest days, we had about 27,000 calculations a day. Below is a diagram that shows how this volume is distributed over particular days.


“The Makeitright company has built software for us according to the latest design principles. The FlexiBlock transaction system is innovative, meets all quality and safety standards in the financial market. It supports the insurance products we offer, is convenient and simple. The solutions proposed by Makeitright are scalable and easily adaptable to other markets,”

Artur Olech, CEO Trasti

Next steps in cooperation

1. Entering into the agency sales channel

Many companies on the Polish market have their own insurance systems and a network of agents who receive a commission depending on how the customer insurance process proceeds. Makeitright faced the challenge of implementing an insurance system for Trasti so that insurance agents could also use it.

  • We will introduce a system that integrates with ISI, a solution implemented in several networks of insurance agencies.
  • Agents will work on the ISI solution with which FlexiBlocks integrates.
2. Entering into the direct sale

Makeitright company will guide the client through the process of creating their own portal through which anyone who wants to be insured will go.