Accelerate your organization’s growth by deploying RPA supported with AI

Our RPA solutions help to improve efficiency and eliminate human error in repetitive tasks


RPA means higher efficiency and lower employment costs

By employing RPA you automate processes quickly and effectively without interfering in company’s IT architecture.
Robots take over dull tasks and work nonstop with the exact same precision, which improves your company’s efficiency. Employees can focus on more challenging tasks by delegating tedious work to self-learning machines.


Increase effectiveness of automation with AI

We enrich RPA processes with AI alghtoritms to raise effectiveness of your company. Smart RPA allows machines to draw conclusions from optimized processes and find solutions to increase efficiency by themselves. It ensures company’s continuous and stable growth.
AI algorithms process data and analyse performance to indicate areas which could be enhanced with automation.


Optimise business processes securely

RPA operates only on the interface level, so that modification of company’s code is not necessary. It is a secure solution that uses only access control or encrypting.
Cooperation with banking sector requires from us highest security of data processing. We have experience in automating operations in which processing personal data is necessary, e.g. money transfers.

Areas you can automate

Changes in files (txt, xml, .pdf etc.)

Processes with API system

Operations in selected apps (www, windows etc.)

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